Company Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision


To be the supplier of choice and a forward thinking company where people want to work.



Our Mission


To deliver innovative sustainable solutions that benefit our customers and are supported by ‘Best in Class’ Customer Service.



While the services we provide are tailored individually for every customer, there are certain promises and principles we bring to every single contract based on the principles of our core company values.


Indeed, everything we do at SWR, whether we’re dealing with suppliers, customers or regulators – is underpinned by these core company values:




Honest & Trustworthy


We are transparent, genuine and fair. We operate with the highest degree of integrity.



Respectful & Collaborative


We value and support each other and maintain an inclusive working environment where teamwork, partnership and relationships matter both internally and externally.



Empowered & Accountable


We work with confidence, flexibility & freedom and are responsible for everything we do.



Positive & Fun


We focus on the positive in everything we do and strive to create an enjoyable environment at all times.