Supply Chain

At SWR, we make no bones about the fact that we sub-contract all our waste collections and recycling processes.


After all, it’s through our network of trusted suppliers across the UK that we are able to offer both comprehensive national coverage and the efficiency benefits of a local service.


Because we aren’t tied to our own vehicles, equipment or plant, we don’t need to find solutions that fit our set-up – we are free to implement services that best suit your business needs.


We always aim to use local providers, meaning your waste is disposed of at the closest MRF or reprocessing depot to your site. We also aim to keep the number of suppliers involved in each project to a minimum – helping us retain control and reduce administration.


But regardless of how long the supply chain runs, you only ever have to deal with us. All our waste management services are managed centrally, in order to provide you with one single point of contact and a single source of comprehensive reporting.


Sourcing our suppliers


Keen to work with only the most reliable suppliers, we’ve made our procurement process as thorough and efficient as can be. As well as examining the financial viability of potential partners, we also gather information on the licences they hold, the services they provide and the quality with which those services are carried out.


In all cases, we agree and incorporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into the Service Level Agreements (SLA) – ensuring a service that you (and we) can always rely on.


Long-term agreements


At SWR, we greatly value our relationships with our supply chain, and we recognise that strong partnerships lead to better commercial results for all parties involved.


For us, it means  stable, longer term agreements and easier issue resolution. For suppliers, it means good quality waste, security on work load, prompt payments and longer contracts.


And for you? It means a waste management service that works regardless of where you are in the country and the type of waste you produce. A service you can count on, every time.