Zero to Landfill

Sending zero to landfill is more than just an environmental goal – it brings tangible business benefits and potential financial rewards.


As well as cutting waste disposal costs, zero waste to landfill policies can generate revenue through the re-selling of recyclable materials, and help to prove your company’s CSR credentials in the process.


At SWR, we can work with you to take each of your sites or branches as close to ‘zero’ as possible – ensuring that general waste is sent to a ‘dirty MRF’ (materials recovery facility), where recyclable components are recovered rather than being sent directly to landfill.


We provide regular reports on the overall landfill diversion figures for each of your sites, combining both recycling and recovery statistics.


RDF and ‘Waste to Energy


Modern facilities regularly divert up to 100% of the material they process away from landfill, using the non-recovered component for products such as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) or sending the materials to ‘waste to energy’.


SWR views ‘waste to energy’ as a significantly better option than landfill – but otherwise as the option of last resort. Wherever possible, material will be segregated for recycling or sent to a MRF before it is sent for incineration.


Supporting your recycling


When implementing a zero to landfill strategy means putting new recycling procedures in place, we use all our experience to help manage the change. Agreements will be made in the operational planning stage to outline the support required.


We can arrange waste collection schedules that maximise recycling levels at all of your sites, and help you to communicate procedural changes by providing a welcome pack, recycling stickers for bins and posters for common areas.


If you’d like to find out more about our recycling services or the Zero to Landfill initiative, please just call our team on 0800 432 0550 or contact us online.