Azzurri Group: Ask and Zizzi

Ask and Zizzi restaurant front


“The level of successful collections is very high and the Customer Service team is responsive, which has allowed our head office team to focus on driving recycling within the restaurants rather than having to manage missed collections and complaints. SWR’s ongoing support in reassessing the waste set-up at our sites has been a valuable resource which helps us to continually increase our recycling level and keep costs under control.”

Richard Galbraith, Distribution Manager, Azzurri Group


Ask and Zizzi restaurants both started in the UK in the 1990s and now have more than 260 casual dining Italian restaurants across the country.

The issues


SWR began working with the Azzurri group in 2014; both brands have thorough environmental sustainability policies and were keen to reduce waste volumes and improve recycling rates.

Diversion of food waste from landfill was a key area to improve; introducing segregation and collection of food waste was a major operational change. Many of the restaurants are in high street locations with limited space which is challenging; both outside for bin storage and in the kitchens for effectively segregating waste.

SWR’s solution


A thorough review of all sites was carried out to understand the waste produced and the operational requirements of each restaurant before a recommendation was proposed.

Restaurants now operate a consistent waste solution which tailored to fit the volume requirements and logistical restrictions of each outlet. SWR’s service is supported by the training Azzurri carry out and the ongoing monitoring that is in place. The majority of restaurants have collections for mixed recycling and glass, as well as food and general waste.

The weekly group management reports allows for trends to be identified and proactive action taken against any recurring service issues.

The groups periodic recycling reports also allows for any sites that may fall below an acceptable level for on-site recycling to be identified & necessary action taken. This can include retraining/re-educating so we work together in reducing as much recyclable waste from ending up in general waste as possible.

The results


  • 82% of all waste across the estate is recycled onsite. Further segregation takes place off site and overall 99% of waste is diverted from landfill


  • Collection success rates 99% for over 83000 site visits


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