“Carluccio’s partnership with SWR has delivered significant service improvements and increased recycling rates. ”    Ben Roberts, Maintenance Manager, Carluccio’s


Carluccio’s outlets combine a deli and restaurant offer; serving Italian food and drink from breakfast through to dinner in high footfall urban and retail locations.


The issues


Along with the financial and environmental benefits of optimising waste solutions it is increasingly important for all food and hospitality businesses to demonstrate their progress as consumer focus increases around recycling and waste reduction, particularly food waste.


With sites in town centre locations with restricted timings for collections it was a challenge for Carluccio’s to co-ordinate vendors who could meet the operational requirements.


SWR’s solution


Carluccio’s have a concentration of sites within the M25 as well as locations in larger towns and cities across the UK. A partnership with SWR allows Carluccio’s to work with a single supplier whilst accessing local specialists in London and around the country who provide the best service available in each area.


At the start of the contract in 2015 SWR proposed an optimised solution based on analysis of the existing service. Food waste collections were introduced to reduce general waste requirements. To maximise recycling sites now have 4 collections; general waste, mixed recycling, glass and food. SWR’s account manager and customer service specialists provide ongoing support to the sites and the head office team.




In Q3 2016 over 150 tonnes of glass was recycled; equivalent in weight to more than 310k empty wine bottles. If you were to stand that many wine bottles side by side it would stretch around 25km, which would be along the Thames from Tower Bridge right through central London, past Hammersmith and out to Chiswick Bridge.

  • 91% diversion from landfill in 2016
  • Collection success rate over 98%
  • Q3 2016 carbon saving equivalent to running a 40w light bulb for 1684 years


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