“Introducing waste segregation and recycling collections has enabled Flightcare to improve our green credentials as this becomes more of a priority across airport operations.”

Craig Douglas, Station Manager, Edinburgh Airport


Flightcare Multiservices has operated for over 50 years and provide varied operational support services at airports including ramp handling, aircraft cleaning and washing, catering logistics, media deliveries, security searches and guarding.


The issues


Flightcare are responsible for air-side waste disposal at 3 UK airports.
The majority of waste is generated from the aircraft cleaning service. All waste from flights that have travelled outside the EU is classed as ‘Category 1’ International Catering Waste.
It is considered high risk so is treated in the same way as hazardous waste and handled by certified supply partners. Waste from EU flights is managed as UK materials.

SWR’s solution


SWR began managing the waste at 3 Flightcare sites in Birmingham, Edinburgh & Glasgow in 2012.
The requirements of each site are different and SWR introduced a tailored service to suit each location. Category 1, recycling and general waste collections have been introduced. A static compactor has also been installed at Edinburgh airport and a second machine is planned to handle the increase in waste being segregated onsite.


The results


  • Saved money by introducing recycling collections. Flightcare now achieve recycling rates c30% (zero recycling pre 2012)
  • Simplified operations and saved time with streamlined waste services
  • The compactors save significant storage space as the bales can be stored efficiently
  • 428 tonnes of Category 1 waste collected Q1/Q2 ’16


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