Klondyke Garden Centres



“SWR has provided us with a waste management solutionthat has greatly improved our recycling and has also reduced our costs. We get on with doing what we are good at and leave SWR to do what they are good at. I am very happy with the service.”

David Yardley, Group Operations Director, Klondyke Group Ltd


Klondyke is the UK’s largest independent group of garden centres located across England, Scotland and Wales. SWR manages the waste contract for all sites nationwide. Klondyke garden centres sell a range of plants, gardening equipment, homeware products, clothes, gifts and operates busy coffee shops, all of which generate varied waste types a quantities across the sites.


The issues



Cost and low recycling levels

The main issue for Klondyke was the rising cost of waste disposal. With the majority of rubbish being disposed of as general waste and being sent to landfill, Klondyke were particularly exposed to the escalating costs of landfill tax.


Multiple Vendors

Klondyke wanted to simplify the existing arrangements with multiple waste providers managed at site level, SWR offered a complete waste service with a single point of contact.

When SWR began the partnership in 2010 ‘Green business’ and CSR were moving higher up the agenda and there was a focus on recycling. Klondyke was keen to find a solution that would reduce their costs and simplify the waste management process whilst improving recycling performance.


SWR’s solution



The key to resolving Klondyke’s issues was addressing what happened to waste the moment it was created.  Implementing a system to encourage waste segregation at source, has dramatically increased recycling. Training and onsite communication was important for successfully implementing the new process.


Klondyke gave SWR full disclosure of all current waste costs and services, analysis of which allowed SWR to devise a new, cost effective plan of waste handling via carefully selected local contractors.


End to end administration of the new waste contracts including day to day communication with suppliers and invoicing, was co-ordinated centrally by SWR. This removed the burden from the individuals across each of the sites who had previously managed the waste arrangements.


Regular reports for Klondyke demonstrating its improved recycling rates across all waste streamsare useful for staff, customers and other stakeholders.




    • Cost savings in the region of 13%
    • Recycling performance has more than doubled; in 2015 over 90% of all waste was diverted from landfill
    • A straightforward new method of waste administration managed by SWR
    • Green credentials demonstrated through regular reporting


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