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“As the business has grown, and we are now working with some of the world’s leading health and beauty brands, we must demonstrate our quality, not only in our products and services, but in every element of our business operations. Waste policy has for some time been the forgotten element of the green agenda. But, with global demand for raw materials at an all time high and manufacturers rating raw material shortages as one of their biggest risks, we must not miss the opportunity to make the best of what we have.” 

Rhys Hayes, Safety and Environmental Projects Manager, Laleham Healthcare

Laleham Healthcare provides product development and contract manufacturing services to the health and beauty industry. The Alton facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and produces a variety waste including cardboard, silicone paper, plastics and waste water.


The issues


Like most manufacturing firms, Laleham face the ongoing challenge to minimise costs and streamline operations. Before working with SWR around 50 tonnes of waste went to landfill each month and there was an opportunity to make significant improvements.  Laleham Healthcare were looking for a waste management partner to help the business reduce its carbon footprint and improve overall environmental  performance. As well as cost considerations it was  clear that the solution needed to take a broad look at resource efficiency and consider; use of raw materials,  avoiding unnecessary use of energy and water, disposal routes, treatment processes and employee time.



SWR’s solution


Following a comprehensive waste review by SWR in 2012 changes were quickly introduced. Plastic balers were installed to compress and bind material; the bales can then be stacked, reducing storage space required onsite and the number of collections.


SWR was also able to find alternative processing options for difficult materials which had previously been sent to landfill. For example, a company based in Finland was sourced to recycle a silicone backing paper that is not recycled in the UK. A new vendor was secured to control the waste water. Improved rates were also negotiated for existing pallets, turning this into a revenue stream worth over £1800 per year.


In order to make these changes work effectively SWR provided training sessions for all staff at the factory including delivering briefings throughout the night for those on the late shift.


The new environmental procedures are now part of the company’s policy for all employees; covering the segregation, treatment and disposal of the varied types of waste.



The results


SWR’s changes had an immediate impact, in the first month onsite recycling improved by 9% which increased to

21% by end of the first quarter. Laleham is now recycling 72% of its waste on average and has achieved zero waste

to landfill. SWR provide a monthly recycling report and Laleham are now saving 39 tonnes of carbon each month,

a marked improvement in their carbon footprint since the partnership began.


A cost saving of 15% has also been achieved as a direct result of both landfill diversion and SWR’s negotiations

with suppliers on Laleham’s behalf. Now that Laleham receive a single invoice the administrative costs associated

with managing multiple waste contracts has also reduced.

The volumes and types of materials flowing through the site change regularly and SWR are able to provide flexible solutions. For example, SWR sourced a supplier to process palycon bags (used to store body butters) which will increase landfill diversion by a further 10-15%; until now this material has proved very difficult to recycle.


SWR continues to recommend process, supplier and machinery options to improve recycling rates.


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