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5th April 2016

In need of a bale-out? Find out more about balers and compactors…

If the bins or skips at your site are regularly filled with card and plastic installing a baler or compactor on site could save time, money and space.


Balers and compactors compress materials under pressure and bind them to form solid cubes that are easier to handle. An entry level ‘mini baler’ is ideal for compact spaces; at under 1m², it uses a standard 13amp plug, adheres to noise regulations and is simple to use, whilst compressing up to 40KG of packaging. Machines come in different shapes and sizes to suit different businesses, the largest can handle up to 750KG in one go. Whilst typically used for card and plastic packaging, balers and compactors are also useful for compressing PET drink bottles, cans, general waste and car bumpers.


Installing a baler or compacter means fewer bins or skips on site and less frequent collections to empty them. Separating card and plastic packaging into a compactor helps improve waste segregation and avoid potential contamination charges, whilst recycling has clear environmental benefits. The compressed bales are much easier to store and take up less space than the equivalent volume of card and plastic, making seasonal fluctuations in the amount of waste produced more manageable and reducing the potential fire risk from loose packaging.


An evaluation of the quantity and types of waste produced, as well as the space available on site is the first stage to identify if a baler or compactor would make sense for your business. A commercial assessment should also consider the potential rebate, which is influenced by materials, contamination levels, and the weight being produced.  For example, the clear plastic film used in packaging is currently 9 times more valuable than printed plastic film per tonne for recycling*, whilst larger, clean bales are also worth more.


SWR offer a complete waste management service; including full analysis and recommendations on the most appropriate waste solution for your business. A wide range of balers and compactors are available with flexible packages including new and refurbished machines to purchase or lease. SWR’s equipment is supplied fully installed with certified training and service support including maintenance, repair and consumables.


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*Recycling prices from           Baler