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9th November 2016

SWR listed in waste industry Fast 50 growing companies 2016



Catalyst has published their annual report on the waste and resource management sector, including the ‘Fast 50’ list of the fastest growing businesses in the industry.


SWR is delighted to be in the top 20 for the sixth consecutive year and congratulate so many of our colleagues on their success too. It’s exciting to see such impressive growth figures across the board; whilst the mix of new entrants and more familiar names demonstrates the ever-changing nature of the marketplace.


SWR first appeared on the list in 2011 as a new entry at number 2, when turnover was £5.3M as a result of 69% growth up to the end of 2010. This year’s list is based on financial results for 2014 and 2015, with SWR’s growth at 19.9% of a much higher turnover figure.


The 2016 list covers the whole spectrum of businesses in the sector and all areas of the country are represented, including; 12 skip companies, MRF owners, equipment manufacturers, haz waste specialists, contract management companies and vehicle operators.


The report provides a useful insight into the industry. Investment is identified as the key to continued success, although that takes different shapes for each business from fleet, to IT to infrastructure. The importance of strong leadership and operational focus is also identified.


The full report is available here