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28th July 2016

SWR’s Special Guests

Special Guests


SWR has two special guests this week; Ethan and Donald are spending a week of their summer holidays on a whistle stop tour to visit a varied selection of businesses.


It’s been a busy few days starting in Glasgow at ICS, an online learning organisation offering courses from Personal Training to Book-keeping Ethics, before visiting Renewable Parts, who specialise in supplying mechanical components for wind turbines.

The pair then jumped on the sleeper train to make the overnight journey to Euston and onto SWR’s Alton office.  Here they have circulated amongst the teams to gain a broad understanding of the business, as well as visiting a MRF (Mixed Recycling Facility).


Had you been in an office before this week? 

Ethan: a few years ago I spent a day working in SWR’s Sterling office, but this is completely different because SWR has grown significantly!

Donald: I’ve not visited an office before and my first impression is ‘busy, busy’!


What have you enjoyed most so far?
Ethan: Spending time with the accounts team; it’s really interesting to see how SWR works with other businesses, both customers and suppliers.

Donald: I enjoyed hearing the variety of calls the customer services team received and how they solved the problems. Anthony’s enthusiasm is infectious and the +1 Squad were fun and informative.


Has anything surprised you about SWR?

Ethan: There are a lot more people here than I was expecting.

Donald: It’s very ‘techy’ I’m surprised that most people have two screens and there are lots of different IT programs being used.


Do you have ideas yet about the sort of job you’d like to do?

Ethan: After the holidays I’m starting Highers and would like to work in a business environment.

Donald: I’m also starting A-levels next year, including Business, and that’s what I’m most interested in.


What did you think of the MRF?

Ethan: I was amazed at how much waste there was.

Donald: Interesting and it didn’t smell too badly!