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21st January 2013

SWR help Scania drive up recycling performance

Specialist Waste Recycling Ltd has recently been appointed by the UK arm of the leading Swedish Truck Manufacturer, Scania GB. SWR will be managing all dry waste at the 45 Scania-owned service centres across the UK.


With a national waste and recycling service designed specifically for the automotive industry, SWR has been able to make an immediate impact in the way that Scania’s waste is handled and disposed of. This new system has almost immediately delivered a significant increase in recycling as well as cost savings of over 10%.


General Manager at SWR, Richard Brown, said: “We understand the issues faced by motor dealer groups and we currently work with most of the UK’s major car manufacturers, including Scania’s parent company Volkswagen AG – to whom we are the only preferred waste management company. Having achieved excellent results with VWG in recent years, we were confident that we could develop a sound waste plan for Scania.”


Purchaser at Scania, David Ballard, said: “Despite little advancement in our recycling in recent years we are confident that we can now move forward with SWR on board. We look forward to working with SWR to help us deliver 85% landfill avoidance in the first half of 2013.”