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30th July 2014

SWR keeps Blissfields Green and Clean with ‘Cash for Trash’ scheme

Waste management firm SWR was pleased to play a part in delivering a clean and green festival at Blissfields this year by running a successful collection point for rubbish generated within the camping area.


Festival goers were encouraged to return their full rubbish bags in exchange for a drinks token of £5 in cash. It is estimated that well over 1000 bags of rubbish were collected.


Proving to be a popular incentive with those at the 3 day event, the Cash for Trash scheme ensured there was considerably less litter left on site compared to that seen in previous years. Waste is a big and very visible issue at festivals, the majority of it coming from campsite areas. Commenting on the success of the scheme, Paul Bliss, event organiser said “We were extremely pleased with our partnership with SWR and their facilitating the Rubbish Bond scheme at this years’ festival. Not only did it result in a cleaner site for us than previous years but it raised awareness as to the impact of rubbish in the environment caused by such an event and we hope to be working with SWR again to make it even better in 2015!”


The waste collected in the bags was sent to a sorting facility where recyclable materials typical of an event like this such as aluminium cans, plastic and dry cardboard were separated for recycling, the remainder of the waste being sent to a refuse derived fuel facility to be turned into energy.


Sarah Pires of SWR said “We understand that whilst festival organisers work hard to promote sustainability, in reality it’s not always a priority when people are busy enjoying themselves. We wanted to create an easy and rewarding system for festival goers, removing the need to sort and segregate camp waste before disposing of it.  Cash for Trash meant there was both something in it for them and at the same time encouraged behaviour change and a cleaner festival all round.”