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27th May 2016

Vertu Masters Club Awards 2016: Best Practice in the Motor Sector

Q&A with winner of Vertu Masters Club Awards 2016


In April Roger Pitts, Parts Supervisor at Bristol Street Motors Ford Redditch won the award for Best Contribution to the Service Department (sponsored by SWR) at the 2016 Vertu Motors Masters Club Awards.


SWR is a long-term partner of Bristol Street Motors’ parent company,  Vertu Motors plc, and supply waste solutions across its UK network of car retail and service outlets.


Roger has more than 30 years’ of experience in the motor industry, and worked at the dealership before it became part of Bristol Street Motors.


It was Roger’s general manager, Simon Parsons, who nominated him for the accolade. He said: “Roger is a huge asset to the dealership as whole. He is the gel that holds the parts and service departments together.


“His military levels of organisation surpass that of any other parts colleague that I’ve come across. It is his proactive approach that reduces wasted time and drives revenue.”


We were keen to find out more about best practice in the Redditch service department so Bret Martin, Account Manager, SWR interviewed Roger.

Roger Pitts Vertu

(L-R: Steph McGovern, BBC | Roger Pitts, Ford Redditch – Vertu| Robert Forrester, CEO – Vertu | Bret Martin, SWR)


Bret, SWR: Congratulations on winning the award for Best Contribution to the Service Department. SWR is focused on providing our customers with a great experience and clearly your team are highly successful at providing excellent service – what are your top tips?


Roger, Ford Redditch: One of the key factors in our department is stock availability. We are very lucky at Bristol Street Motors Ford Redditch in that we actually get three deliveries a day into our department. This allows us to get things turned around quickly, ensuring a smooth service experience for our customers.


Bret, SWR: Over the past 12 months, SWR’s Customer Service team has grown and developed significantly, which has resulted in us being able to handle queries faster. Did you introduce any new initiatives in 2015 which have been key to the department’s success?


Roger, Ford Redditch: Honestly, we feel we are in a good place at the moment. The phrase ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ springs to mind. However, the one thing we have been striving to continually improve is getting things right the first time. I can’t reiterate how important the mantra is to ensuring that we always have happy customers. It is a key factor that helps us to retain business with customers repeatedly coming back to Bristol Street Motors Ford Redditch.


Bret, SWR: What does ‘Best Practice’ mean for your team?


Roger, Ford Redditch: It’s simple – getting things right the first time. It’s the main aim for our team and avoids any potential loss to the dealership. With a minimum value being introduced by some manufacturers, parts ordering has to be correct otherwise an additional cost may be incurred to either return the part or re-order the correct part.


Bret, SWR: Moving onto waste, what is the approach to waste at Ford Redditch?


Roger, Ford Redditch: Last year we moved all the waste containers into one area of the dealership. This has made it much easier for us and the drivers, and the collection service now runs like clockwork.


Bret, SWR: As a workshop do you handle any tricky waste streams?


Roger, Ford Redditch: Nothing in particular. We used to keep an eye on breaking down cardboard in the recycling bins, otherwise they quickly got full with fresh air! Although now this is second nature to the team.


Bret, SWR: And finally, what has your experience been when contacting SWR?


Roger, Ford Redditch: I’ll be honest, I’ve not had the need to contact SWR recently because the service is great. Since we repositioned the bins, we don’t even notice when the drivers are here as they are in and out the branch so quickly. In terms of service provided it is spot on – 10/10.