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2nd March 2017

WMBA: Waste Management Brokers Association


Three of the UK’s largest independent waste management companies have joined forces and launched the Waste Management Brokers Association (WMBA) to provide a united voice in the industry. The founding members include NewStar Environmental Ltd, SWR and UK Waste Solutions Ltd.


“The WMBA aims to become one of the most influential and respected professional bodies in the sector and will work to represent both existing and next-generation waste management brokers,” said a spokesperson.


Key areas of focus for the WMBA will include:

– Building the reputation and raising the profile of the outsourced model

– Developing consistency and a code of best practice

– Building even closer relationships with the supply chain


One of the first tasks of the Association will be to develop a simple code of best practice to help ensure consistency within the brokers and the way they operate with the supply chain. Key areas of attention will include service levels, innovation, the proximity principle, sustainable procurement, data management, education and training.


The founding members of the Association issued a joint statement: “The inception of the WMBA marks a key development in the waste industry. More and more organisations are now opting for the highly innovative, cost effective and flexible brokerage model, which uniquely builds on the service delivery strengths of both local and national waste suppliers to manage their waste.


“The UK’s waste brokers, however, have never had a dedicated voice or looked to work together to ensure there is a recognised gold standard of service on which both customers and suppliers can rely. The WMBA will focus on working closely with our local supply chain to ensure that as the industry changes we will continue to deliver environmentally and commercially sustainable solutions to our customers across the UK.”