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1st June 2016

WNWN 7: hidden costs of waste

There are a lot of hidden costs in serving a cold beer! From the time and fertiliser used to grow hops, the water needed for brewing, the packaging, the diesel required for delivery, right through to the electricity used to chill the bottle… If that beer is dropped before it’s served it’s not only the profit that’s lost; the resources used at each stage of the supply chain are also wasted.


So far in the Waste Not, Want Not series we’ve looked at ways kitchens can reduce waste and save money. This guide considers the ‘hidden costs’ and how to prevent waste of resources. The guide looks at the inputs used at every stage of the supply chain, and how these are also lost each time products go in the bin. The benefits of recycling are also highlighted by the financial and environmental costs of landfill.


This is the seventh toolkit in the Waste Not, Want Not mini-series created in collaboration between Specialist Waste Recycling, the British Hospitality Association and Winnow Solutions.