SWR is the UK’s only waste management company with waste services designed specifically for the automotive industry. We currently work with many of leading companies in the industry.


Indeed, that’s how we started life back in 2007 – providing our services exclusively to car repair and body shop businesses. Today, we count most of the industry’s leading names among our customers:


  • John Clark Motor Group
  • Arnold Clark
  • Vertu Motors PLC
  • Pullman Fleet
  • Nationwide Crash Repair Centres
  • DirectLine Group


So, when choose to work with SWR, you can rest assured you’re dealing with people who understand your business and its unique waste requirements. We’re always up to date with the latest laws and regulations in the automotive industry – and can provide you with clear advice on what is required of you.


How we work


We know that waste from car servicing workshops and body shops is often complicated and time consuming to manage. You may have as many as 20 different waste streams in your business (including hazardous materials), all of which can be subject to a wide array of legislation in terms of disposal.


SWR’s services are designed to take away as much of that burden as possible – allowing you to get on with the business of working on cars, rather than worrying about your waste.


Our services are cost effective, and crucially we can take away all types of waste as well as service parts, washers and spray gun cleaners. So, you’ll only ever have one invoice to deal with, rather than several from multiple suppliers.


What’s more, SWR is able to provide you with accurate, detailed reporting of your recycling performance. This is particularly important to car manufacturers, insurance companies and your customers – giving you an opportunity to drive your business forward.


Testimonials from our Automotive customers

“SWR have reduced our costs and are working closely with our branches to ensure we maximise our recycling. Sustainable waste management is a vital part of maintaining high standards of professionalism throughout our business and outsourcing this to SWR is helping to ensure operational efficiency. It is these innovative solutions that will drive the business into the future and prolong its success within the UK and Europe. Doing the right thing is proving to be a winning formula.”


– Adam Clark, Group Manager, Arnold Clark


“Our long term partnership with SWR demonstrates clear commercial benefits and the John Clark Motor Group is
delighted that our carbon saving reached 264.312 tonnes per quarter.”

– Hugh Duffy, Group Facilities Manager, John Clark Motor Group