Public Sector

If you’re responsible for waste services within a public sector organisation SWR can help you deliver environmental and budgetary targets. Our consultative approach identifies where improvements can be right across the waste hierarchy and we’re experts at implementing full waste management programmes.


SWR is starting an extensive waste partnership with NHS Scotland in Autumn 2016 to drive waste prevention and improve recycling rates as part of the new Waste Management Action Plan.


How we work


SWR’s broad private sector experience is highly transferable to creating tailored solutions for public organisations. We organise single waste streams right through to the introduction and operation of onsite recycling yards or managing multiple services at sites around the country.

As well as core waste and recycling services SWR’s specialist experience is particularly useful. For example, one of the key changes SWR has introduced to hospitality estates in recent years is food waste collections, which are also being used in hospitals, public offices and schools. Hazardous waste collections are used extensively across SWR’s motor workshop and bodyshop customers, these are required in any operation where chemicals, oils or paints are used such as laboratories, print rooms or ambulance stations. Confidential waste and WEEE collections are also services widely provided by SWR.
Through our network of carefully selected partners SWR is able to match your waste requirements with the optimum collections whilst simplifying service, reporting and invoicing processes.
More broadly SWR delivers tangible social responsibility outcomes by promoting sustainability, supported by our ISO 14001 accreditation. Through our supply chain network we work with local businesses and are committed to raising up local SMEs to create local jobs, and have created our network to reflect the increased focus and flexibility such organisations provide.
Also, we engage with charities to channel re-usable materials to the local community. For example, SWR has worked with Edinburgh Airport to set up donations of confiscated sealed liquids including bottles of spirits and perfumes, to Guide Dogs Scotland for fundraising purposes.