Bodyshop and Workshop Services


Our Bodyshop and Workshop Services are designed for the complex waste streams produced by the motor sector where waste materials are often hazardous and require specialist storage and collection. The packages have been developed to be flexible and suit the needs of different customers, combining the drum collections with relevant machinery. Drums are provided to store:


–               Waste oil

–               Antifreeze

–               Mixed fuels

–               Oily rags

–               Waste paint

–               Waste thinners / solvent

–               Booth filters

–               Oil filters

–               Brake fluid

–               Aerosols


The Workshop Package is a scheduled service, due to workshops producing higher volumes of hazardous waste. Service frequencies are set to match the waste types and volumes produced – typically every 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Additional machinery includes brake washers and parts washers. Depending on the number and types of parts that need cleaning there are various parts washers available including manual or automatic machines using water or solvents to clean. More details about the Workshop Package here.


The Bodyshop Package is an on-demand service as bodyshops produce smaller volumes of hazardous waste, but they must still ensure it is stored and disposed of in line with the hazardous waste regulations. On-demand collections mean customers only pay for what they use whilst remaining compliant with legislation. A range of spray gun cleaners are also available. More details about the Bodyshop Package here.


The packages include machine rental, training, maintenance and waste removal.


Hazardous Waste Storage Equipment is frequently ordered alongside the Bodyshop and Workshop Services packages..