Cleaning, Pest Control, Clinical Waste and Washroom Services

New for 2017, our commercial cleaning, pest control, clinical waste and washroom services broaden SWR’s ‘soft FM’ offer and complement the core range of waste management options provided. Combining essential business services into one contract simplifies the admin side, whilst having one point of contact makes sense day-to-day.


Clinical Waste


We work with our customers to ensure they understand and comply with the core principles of clinical waste regulations, relating to the correct segregation, storage,  disposal and documentation of waste. SWR provides the correct colour coded receptacles to allow for effective segregation and scheduled collections to fit the requirements.

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Washroom Services


The washroom areas of any business, particularly within the hospitality industry, are critical to customer perception. They are also governed by strict legislation regarding the correct storage and disposal of sanitary waste. Our washroom services are designed to provide our customers with all of the necessary waste facilities to ensure their washroom areas are clean, hygienic and compliant with the relevant legislation. We offer and discreet disposal and collection service for sanitary waste and nappy disposal, with a range of container sizes to suit your requirements.

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Office Cleaning


As well as the benefits of consolidating suppliers linking cleaning and waste improves the ‘waste journey’. It is often the cleaning team who empty the office bins so controlling the flow of waste, particularly recycling, from the internal bins into the external containers minimises contamination issues and the associated costs. Cleaning from SWR will be tailored to suit the requirements of each office, with online audit reports to monitor service levels.
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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning


Specifically designed for SWR’s hospitality and retail customers our commercial kitchen cleaning service offers flexibility with three options from basic to gold standard. Commercial cleaning of kitchens is required for building insurance, as well as ensuring compliance with environmental health legislation. Certificates are provided after each clean.
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Reactive Cleaning

Cleaning emergency? Contact SWR
From recovering a flooded cellar, repairing smoke damage or cleaning up hazardous waste… SWR’s reactive service has been introduced to provide fast, effective solutions when your business faces unexpected challenges; minimise disruption with a fast and efficient solution. Call now to find out how SWR can help.

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Pest Control


Manage the risks to your business posed by rodents, insects, birds or foxes with SWR. Scheduled services are provided to prevent infestations and the associated potential damage to your reputation and premises. Adhoc options are also offered to resolve urgent issues. Documentation is provided after each visit to ensure required records remain up to date for pest control systems.

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