Waste Management Consultancy

Through expert waste management consultancy, we can help you improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and sharpen up your environmental credentials.


Expert waste management consultancy underpins much of what we do here at SWR. It’s engrained in our waste management services, and stands as a service in its own right too.


So even if you’re using another supplier to handle your waste management, we can still help you identify opportunities and ideas to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and sharpen up your environmental performance.


We do it by assessing the waste you produce across your whole business, reviewing the full waste journey from creation through to disposal, including the amounts and type of waste being generated.


Through our team at RUR3 Environmental, we can also provide expert consultancy on AD facilities and managing bulk food waste.


Industry expertise


Our waste management consultancy services are delivered by a first-rate project team with a range of skills and a wealth of experience in the waste industry.


Indeed, we have recently undertaken consultancy work for KFC (UK) Ltd, McDonald’s and Sky, to name just a few.


And with customers in all corners of the UK and access to facilities around the country, SWR has an excellent grasp of legislation in the devolved administrations as well as the rest of the UK.


How we can help:


  • Ensure legal compliance with environmental legislation
  • Advise on waste handling, storage and transportation
  • Assist with problematic waste streams
  • Advise on waste reduction and re-use
  • Provide information about the latest waste-management technologies and methods
  • Benchmark the performance of your current waste management company



Talk to us about our waste management consultancy services today by calling our team on 0800 432 0550.