Waste and Recycling Equipment

Tools of the trade



In line with our belief that SWR should to be able to meet any waste related requirement our customers may have, we are able to supply of a wide range of equipment and machinery to allow the best possible end to end waste processes to be implemented.


We can provide a variety of bespoke equipment to help maximise recycling in a cost effective way including:


    • Balers – from small machines to fully automated mill-sized machines
    • Compactors – portables, statics, new and refurbished machinery
    • Composters
    • Shredders



The Evaluation Process



If we believe an investment in equipment would be beneficial when evaluating your waste set up, we will make a recommendation to that effect, supported by detailed analysis to demonstrate the benefits and the return on your investment.



We offer a range of finance options for all of our machinery, from outright purchase to long term rental options. Long term rental gives our customers the opportunity to obtain waste equipment without tying up available cash or lines of credit. It also allows for an instant return on investment, as once the initial payment is made the machinery is installed and the benefits it provides are instantly available.



All of our machinery is provided with full installation and training, supported by certification for your operators. We also provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance packages to ensure that potential downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.
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To speak with one of our team regarding your current waste set-up, please just give us a call on 0800 432 0550 or contact us online.