Food Waste Consultancy

Acquired by SWR in 2015, RUR3 provides consultancy services to the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) industry.


The business also offers a disposal service to food waste producers – in turn procuring the food waste that keeps the UK’s AD plants well fed.


Whether you’re operating an existing AD plant, looking to invest in a new one or running a business producing high levels of food waste, here’s how RUR3’s services can work to your advantage:


Consultancy and feasibility studies


When you want to develop an AD facility, you need assurances that suitable waste feedstocks are available for your chosen site. RUR3 has developed a comprehensive database of UK organic waste producers, and can scrutinise specific geographical and transport networks to advise on logistics and feasibility.


Often, a highly detailed Food Waste Feasibility Study is required in order to support your planning application – so it pays to have RUR3’s expertise on your side.


Food waste procurement


For AD plants already up and running, RUR3 provides a procurement service that helps to bring the plant a regular, reliable feedstock.


We work with clients to understand timescales and waste acceptance criteria, paying careful attention to the characteristics of waste types in order to cater to the site’s specific operational requirements.


Food waste disposal


Our waste food procurement service dovetails perfectly with our support for food producers.


If you run a business that produces food waste, RUR3 can work with you to identify your best local disposal points – helping you to make significant financial savings while improving your environmental performance.


Through other arms of the SWR, we can also offer consultation, waste collections, first-class reporting and specialist equipment to help you with all other waste streams.


Tap into RUR3’s AD expertise by giving us a call on 0800 432 0550, or contact us online.


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