Waste Collections

SWR takes pride in being able to manage any waste, anywhere in the UK.


So whether you need regular bin collections, one-off clearances, hazardous waste services, washroom services, shredding or waste electrical equipment removal, we can take care of it for you, ensuring you have the best local and environmentally sound disposal route available.


We don’t just collect your rubbish though. We provide an end-to-end service that takes as much of the waste management function away from you as is practically possible.


You’ll come to see us as your outsourced waste department – not only emptying your bins on time and on schedule, but also working with you to improve your recycling and environmental performance in the process.


Why SWR?


There’s no shortage of waste management companies out there – so why trust SWR with your waste collections? Here are a few reasons why our customers choose to work with us:


Simplicity – we provide everything under one contract and give you one single point of contact for all your issues.


Clarity – our invoices are consolidated and easy to understand. So too is our industry-leading reporting, which puts you in the picture about your waste.


Impartiality – unlike traditional waste companies, we are not tied to the type of vehicles, equipment and plant that we have invested in. We are effectively agnostic to all of these – free to implement services that best fit your needs.


Flexibility – we have a nationwide network of trusted contractors with wide-ranging capabilities, so whatever your requirements, we will be able to recommend and provide the right set of services.


Reliability – we regularly achieve service delivery levels of over 98% across the 130,000 collections carried out around the UK.


In short, we take a different approach to most other waste management companies. We believe that we are very much a service company that should be looking after the interests of our customers – and all our people, our structure and our processes are set up to do just that.


To discuss waste collections or any other element of our waste management services with us, please just give us a call on 0800 432 0550 or contact us online.