Waste Electric and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)

Overview of Service


Waste Electric and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) is a complex waste stream due to the mixture of materials and components used, many of which are hazardous. WEEE is also one of the fastest growing waste streams in the UK, with over 2 million tonnes produced each year by households and businesses.
To ensure that this complex and growing waste stream is properly managed, strict legislation has been introduced in the form of the 2006 WEEE Directive and The WEEE Regulations 2013. These two pieces of legislation are designed to control the use of hazardous substances within electronic equipment and to enforce the correct collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of waste electronic equipment.
SWR work with leading WEEE specialists to ensure that any electrical waste produced by our customers is treated in line with this legislation. We aim to minimise the carbon footprint and environmental impact associated with WEEE by maximising the quality and quantity of equipment reused and recycled at treatment facilities throughout the UK.



Customer Experience


We offer a range of flexible and tailored WEEE and Hazardous waste collection services for the following items:



• Computers and IT equipment
• Televisions
• Large electrical appliances
• Small electrical appliances
• Lamps and florescent tubes
• Refrigeration units
• Specialist, store and exchange ‘Haz box’



WEEE collections can be tailored to suit all customer requirements. Whether it is a single refrigeration unit or a bulk load of equipment, SWR can make the necessary arrangements to ensure the equipment is collected and treated in accordance to legislation.
A one-off collection can be scheduled to collect items stored at your site. Alternatively, SWR can provide storage equipment such as cages, drums and haz boxes. A Waste Transfer Note is provided at the point of collection and the equipment is then taken to a licensed facility for processing.
We also offer a specialist store and swap ‘Haz box’ service has been created to overcome the challenges surrounding the storing and disposing of smaller electrical items and hazardous waste. The Haz box is a compliant storage crate which is swapped by our trained operatives for an empty box once full.